Brain Injury


The brain is considered a vast human computer that controls the automatic and higher functions of the body. If you know someone who suffered a brain injury in an automobile accident, a work-related injury, or an incident in a home or business,  please call our office for a free consultation.

A brain injury can have devastating consequences, which not only affect the person who was injured, but their entire family, who may have to care for that person for the remainder of his or her life.  With brain damage, both short and long-term memory can be severely affected.  The injured person can also suffer paralysis, or no longer be able to communicate.

Mr. Achrem has successfully litigated multiple lawsuits, both in Nevada and California, in which his brain-damaged clients have recovered tens of millions of dollars, including one case in Nevada where he obtained a $21,000,000 unanimous jury verdict for his then two year old client, to help with the lifetime of medical treatment, supervision and care he now requires at age 30.

Brain Injury Patient Treatment

In catastrophic brain injury cases, the cost of care alone for a severely-injured person can total many millions of dollars. Mr. Achrem has personally handled a number of such cases and obtained extremely large verdicts and settlements that have allowed these injured persons to undergo the best medical care and treatment available.

We have both the experience and the ability to handle severe brain injury cases.   Call (702) 734-3936 today for a free consultation, or dial (888) 734-6789 if you’re outside Nevada.


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