Insurance Settlements

Settlements in most personal injury cases are generally based on jury verdicts that were obtained in similar cases throughout the country.  Insurance companies and attorneys alike monitor verdicts in their area and generally base settlements on the likelihood of that particular case receiving a similar verdict if it goes to trial.  As such, the value of a personal injury claim in Nevada may be different from the settlement value of the same claim in another state.

A number of other factors can also have a major impact on settlement values.  They include, without limitation, (i) the injured party’s comparative fault; (ii) the severity of the injuries sustained; (iii) the past and future pain and suffering; (iv)  the past and future emotional distress; (v) the past and future wage losses and economic opportunities; (v) how the Plaintiff  is likely to be perceived by the jury at trial; and (vi) the loss of the quality and enjoyment of life.  All of these play an integral role in the settlement process.  Many insurance companies attempt to settle a personal injury before the injured party has been able to consult with an attorney.  Please understand this is for their benefit – not yours.

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