Pedestrian Accidents

If you or someone you know were a pedestrian who was hit by a car, truck or motorcycle, you should immediately seek medical treatment to determine the nature and extent of your injuries. Do not delay seeking medical treatment while waiting to determine who will pay for your medical care. As a pedestrian, there are a number of sources available to cover your medical treatment and to compensate you for other damages that you may have incurred, such as broken bones, surgery, pain and suffering, emotional distress and lost wages.

For example, the driver who hit you may have a provision in his automobile insurance policy called “medical payments to others.” This is sometimes referred to as “med pay” and allows your treating physician to bill the insurance company directly for your ongoing medical care. The driver of the vehicle may also have been totally, or partially at fault for causing the accident, and both he and his insurance company may be required to pay for all of your damages.

In one case Mr. Achrem handled, a young boy was riding his bike across Rancho Road in the pedestrian walkway on a green light. Before he could reach the other side of the road, the light turned red and he was struck by a vehicle that should have easily been able to see him. Mr. Achrem was able to obtain the full policy limits that were available and the boy eventually recovered from his injuries.

Under certain circumstances, if the driver was uninsured, or didn’t have sufficient insurance coverage to fully compensate you for your injuries, you may be able to assert a claim against your own insurance company through the Uninsured/Underinsured (“UIM”) portion of your policy.

Determining who is ultimately responsible for your injuries and damages, and whether or not there is sufficient insurance to pay for those damages, can be quite complex.

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