Passenger Accident

As a passenger in a car, you have no control over where the vehicle goes. During most journeys, that makes little difference because you expect to arrive safely at your destination. You just click your seatbelt, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

But when circumstances along the route lead to an accident, your lack of control leaves you vulnerable. It doesn’t matter whether the at-fault driver is your friend behind the wheel, or the driver of the other car. You have no way to prevent your injuries—or the huge medical bills that result from them.
Don’t accept responsibility for those expenses. Consult a passenger accident attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the Law Offices of Edward J. Achrem & Associates, we will ALWAYS act in your best interests.

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Many auto insurance policies cover passenger injuries.  But what happens if the funds are insufficient to cover all of your medical expenses?  What happens if the other driver who caused the crash has no insurance at all?  Will you have to pay for your own recovery?

Our team of trained professionals uses all available means to ensure that injured passengers are fully compensated for their injuries.  We file claims against insurance companies, at-fault drivers, and everyone who may also be responsible. In some cases, we file for partial summary judgment early on, so that the only remaining issue to be resolved by the jury is the total amount of your damages.

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The Law Offices of Edward J. Achrem & Associates has been winning cases for our clients for more than 43 years.  Ed Achrem and his colleague, Tom Wire, have some 90 years of collective trial and legal experience.  That means we’re extremely familiar with cases like yours and we know how to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries as quickly as possible.

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