Bicycle Accidents

If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Nevada, you have the same rights and legal protections as if you were operating a motor vehicle.  If you also own a car or truck that was insured at the time of the collision, you may have medical payment coverage available to pay all of your medical expenses from the accident.  If the other driver was at fault, his or her insurance company may also be responsible for reimbursing you for your reasonably necessary medical expenses, your pain and suffering, emotional distress, any lost wages as a result of the accident, as well as other damages, such as repairs to your bicycle.  However, don’t delay in seeking medical treatment.  All accidents are different.  As soon as possible after the accident, consult with an attorney to determine your legal rights.

It is important that witness statements are promptly obtained, video footage of the accident scene taken if at all possible, and a full investigation of the occurrence initiated early on.  The unfortunate reality is that the insurance companies for the person who caused the accident will investigate the crash very quickly and work on “damage control.”  The adjuster who is assigned to the claim will also try to contact you as soon as possible to obtain a recorded statement.  You are NOT obligated to give such a statement, which is for the insurance company’s benefit – not yours.

While most drivers are on the lookout for other vehicles, they generally do not pay as much attention to either bicyclists or motorcyclists.  Additionally, accidents involving people on bicycles and motorcycles are almost always more serious, since the riders have far less protection than people inside motor vehicles.  Before you provide a statement to anyone after an accident, give serious consideration to a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney first. At our law firm, the consultation is always free and your rights can be protected by someone who knows how.

In a case Mr. Achrem handled some years ago, an off-duty Henderson police officer was riding her bike along Boulder Highway, in Henderson, NV when a motor vehicle suddenly came out of a driveway without stopping.  Although she braked as quickly as she could, the bike struck the left front of the vehicle and she flew over it, breaking several bones in the process.  Mr. Achrem was able to obtain the full policy limits from both the vehicle owner’s insurance company and the bicyclist’s carrier as well.


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