Motorcycle Accidents

Your first priority following a motorcycle accident is to obtain medical care as quickly as possible.  Once you’ve received appropriate treatment, you should then contact an experienced attorney, to see what can be done to protect your rights and to ensure that you’re fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

Many insurance companies will attempt to contact the injured rider before he or she has had the time to consult with an attorney.  They do this in order to reach a quick settlement before the rider realizes the scope and severity of the injuries and the full measure of their damages.

Mr. Achrem and his firm have been handling motorcycle accident cases  in Nevada and California for 43 years.  We will do everthing in our power to make sure you’re fully compensated for all of your losses.

How to make sure you’re fully compensated after a motorcycle accident.

For more than 43 years, Edward J. Achrem & Associates, Ltd. has focused on serious personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents.  Our experience means we know your rights, we understand your damages, and we know exactly how to make sure you’re fully compensated for all of your injuries.

We consider each motorcycle accident case individually, including the circumstances that led to the crash.  You tell us the details in your initial consultation, and we determine who bears legal and financial responsibility.  Once our firm is hired, we will immediately preserve critical evidence, interview potential witnesses and conduct a full on site investigation.  

In one motorcycle case Mr. Achrem litigated, his client had been riding back to Las Vegas at night, following the white line located on the right side of the lane in a construction area along Boulder highway.  Because the contractor had failed to remove the white line and repaint it so it would follow the construction detour curve, the rider continued traveling straight until he struck a concrete barrier that had a piece of steel rebar sticking out of it – at 35 mph.  The resulting impact ripped all the flesh off the rider’s leg and he flew and landed in an eight foot deep construction pit, where he remained for hours until he was finally rescued.  Thanks to the miraculous medical care he received, the rider’s life was saved, but his leg was hideously disfigured.  After winning summary judgment against the main Defendant, Mr. Achrem ultimately obtained multiple seven figure confidential settlements from the five Defendants who had been named in the lawsuit.

Mr. Achrem even successfully represented a moped rider, who was severely injured when another vehicle pulled out in front of him, resulting in multiple surgeries.  Ultimately, his case was settled for more than $800,000.00 and a structured settlement was set up so that he would continue to receive tax-free monthly payments for the rest of his life.

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You should contact a motorcycle accident attorney before ever speaking with an insurance company.  Our law firm has been litigating motorcycle and other motor vehicle collision cases for more than 43 years and and we have the skills, personnel and resources necessary to help our clients in even the most complicated cases.  From the claim to the courthouse, we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

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