Paralysis, Spinal Cord or Spinal Injury

Paralysis can be a temporary or permanent loss of motor or sensory functions following, but not limited to, an injury to the nerves, spinal column, or brain. Spinal injuries can include a broken neck, as well as fractures and dislocations of the vertebra. Such fractures can be the result of falls, automobile accidents, negligent acts of others, and even work-related injuries. These fractures may cause paralysis in one or more parts of the body and lead to extremely serious and sometimes permanent consequences.

In a lawsuit Mr. Achrem handled in which his client’s neck was broken in a construction zone due to driver and contractor negligence, he was able to obtain an extremely large and confidential damage award for the young man, who was then able to use a portion of the settlement funds to aid in his recovery. He is now a successful business owner with a promising future.

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury and/or paralysis due to treatment provided to you by a medical provider, or because of the negligent acts of another person, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced attorney.

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