Signed or Recorded Statements

If you as a policy holder are making a claim against your own insurance policy (called a First Party Claim), you usually will be asked to complete an accident report in order to give your insurance carrier enough information to allow the company to conduct a proper investigation into the facts of the accident. Please note that Nevada law requires you cooperate with an investigating police officer, and your insurance policy will usually contain a provision that requires you to reasonably cooperate with your insurance company. Further, in any accident involving personal injury, or property damage of $350.00 or more, the drivers involved in that accident must file a written report within ten days of the accident with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Beyond that, it is not necessary for injured persons to give a signed or recorded statement to have their claims receive proper consideration. Our firm recommends against giving statements without first consulting an experienced attorney to learn more about your legal rights. Recorded statements are for the benefit of the insurance company, NOT for your benefit, and you should be very hesitant about giving such a statement until after you’ve spoken with an experienced lawyer.


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